GMC Truck Part Shop Denver, was founded in 2013 by Don Rickoy, an ASE certified mechanic, junk yard owner, and avid vehicle enthusiast. Don began as a mechanic working out of his home garage – doing repairs on his own vehicles, neighbor’s vehicles, family vehicles, and eventually received so much word-of-mouth praise that he began receiving calls from people in other towns willing to drop their cars off with him at his house. Don opened up his first mechanic shop right out of high school, and the wild success from that culminated with Don expanding the shop into a junk yard, and then adding one more section to the shop by implementing a parts department focused entirely on new, used, and refurbished auto parts at unbeatable prices. Today, Don employs 15 full-time, ASE certified mechanics, has 25 acres of junkyard space filled with vehicles of every make and model, and boasts a parts inventory that make stand alone parts shops look like a box of tools.