How the GMC Truck Part Shop In Denver Saved A Colorado Ranch Wedding Dream

It began as a chaotic morning, when the truck transporting my soon-to-be-wife, Marilyn Jenkins, to her wedding ceremony at Lower Lake Ranch of Colorado Ranch Wedding Venues, broke down on the dirt road just a mile from her home, and more than 75 miles from her destination.

But it turned into a happy fairy tale ending, when a driver for GMC Truck Part Shop Denver, who just so happened to live out in the country close to Marilyn, happened to come alongside her on the dirt road on his way into town.

“I thought my wedding was ruined” said Marilyn. She was on her way to the best day of her life, ready to marry the man of her dreams, when her truck just sputtered and rolled to a dead stop on the dirt road.


“We have no cell phone towers out here,” she said, “no phone coverage…I couldn’t call anybody to tell them I had broken down, let alone ask someone to come rescue me. I was stuck with no way out.”

Country living certainly has its perks: isolation, solitude, silence, peace. But it also comes with its fair share of flaws as well: little to no cell service, lack of emergency responders, unpaved and unkept roads.

Marilyn was lucky this day, or maybe Lower Lake Ranch sent some wedding angels in the form of a generous mechanic from GMC Truck Part Shop Denver. But regardless of where it came from or how it came, Marilyn received the help she needed.

Don Rickoy, owner of GMC Truck Part Shop Denver, owns a large property in the eastern plains, close by to Marilyn, and happened upon her on his way into town that day.

As he lives in a small town and there aren’t any emergency responders or even people for miles, it’s customary to stop and see if people need help, and so he did.

Don was able to take a look at Marilyn’s truck, give her a diagnosis, and although he wasn’t able to fix her truck for her right there on the spot, he called Marilyn a tow truck to get her vehicle to his shop for repairs, and personally drove Marilyn to her wedding, where she arrived right on time.